SGP Video Tutorials
  • Sequence Generator Pro
    I am a recent convert to using SGP for image capture

    As you can see from the features above its hugely powerful and is undergoing

    rapid development all the time

    It truly make automated image capture easy to do and with limited clear skies here in the U.K.

    I literally can be up and running capturing data in minutes

    Worth far more than the $99 asking price
  • SGP Prep
    Right click on image and "save target as"
    Before you start SGP

    You will need to think about a few things first

    A few mins here will make life easier when

    using SGP
  • Sequence Generator Pro
    Right click on image and " save target as "

    Here we are going to look at plate solving and its uses in SGP

    These include

    1) scope sync

    2) Target setting

    3) Target acquisition

    Also a quick look at auto focusing


  • Websites to help you with SGP

    ASCOM ------------------------ Platform and some drivers

    PHD ----------------------------- Guiding software --------------- Blind Solver

    SGP ------------------------------err SGP

    Pinpoint--------------------------Plate solver ( not free )

    Starlight xpress ASCOM----- Drivers for sx cameras
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