Mount Hub Pro
  • Mount Hub Pro
    I decided that my wiring mess in the shed needed a bit of a tidy up as It was getting out of control with 14 plug sockets for all the equipment

    The hub looked like what I was looking for so I took the plunge !
  • Front View
    Its nice sometimes when things do what they say on the box and is simple to use , which the hub certainly is.

    Most kit inc cameras can be run of 12V dc so I just wired them to the hub, You could also drive most mounts from this , but I have left mine to its own supply

    I can now control all my gear from the pc consol inc all my cameras ,AO unit ,heaters ,moonlight focuser Its very handy/ tidy ( well as tidy as it gets ) in my shed, but would be useful for portable set ups as well

    I must say that I am very happy with set up and leaves plenty of room for more kit, My wife will be so happy !
  • Pc Control Panel
    You can rename all the buttons to suit your equipment
    Hitecastro Mount Hub Pro Includes

    8 individually selectable and controllable relay driven outputs to power all of your equipment. (plus three constant (always on) outlets.) A 4 channel dew controller with individually selectable outputs. A stepper motor focus controller compatible with many of today's most popular focusers (e.g. Moonlite, Robofocus) PC software which allows all of the above to be controlled from the users PC (Windows XP, Vista) Windows 7 currently under test. Manual (Non PC based control of the Dew Controller) Optional Manual 'Hand Controller' for focus operations Coming Soon. An ASCOM compliant driver to operate with your favorite third party ASCOM compliant application. (e.g. Maxim DL, CCD Soft etc) USB Interface Can deliver up to 15Amps of power to your equipment (via an appropriate power supply)
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