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  • Newbie's start here
    Welcome to my pixinight videos

    If you are new to pixinsight I would suggest that you start on the newbie videos then move on to the intermediate videos to improve your skills
  • Intermediate
    Hopefully you are now used to the basic tools in pixinsight and are looking to improve your Skills even more
    So these tutorials contains slightly more advanced subjects.
  • Process demonstrations
    These video's show a quick process of Images !
    Better results can be achieved with a little more time and care but do give a good idea of workflow
  • Need more Video's
    Warren keller has started work on some high quality video's on Pixinsight , There is charge for these ,but are well worth a look and there are a few free taster video's for you to get a feel for them
  • Its a common question

    In what order do I use the process's

    Not a video

    Just a list that might Help

Pix what !

So you have spent many hours and spent huge sums of money capturing your Data only to find it looks nothing like all those images you have been drooling over !

welcome to image processing which you will find is as important as capturing the Data

Pixinsight has rapidly become a market leader in image processing capable of everything you will need ,from image stacking through gradient removal , image stretching and many other tools to get the best from your Data

If you Need help Please contact me or I recommend the Pixinsight forum for people of Knowledge

Pixinsight Forum

What Pixisight says about its self

PixInsight is an advanced image processing software platform. It has been designed specifically for astrophotography and other technical imaging fields. PixInsight is a modular, open-architecture system where the entire processing and file handling capabilities are implemented as external installable modules. PixInsight has been ported natively to FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems and is available in 64-bit versions on all supported platforms. PixInsight is a strongly multithreaded environment able to exploit all processors and processor cores available on modern hardware. PixInsight is both an image processing environment and a software development framework. The core PixInsight application integrates three user interfaces: a graphical interface, a command-line interface, and a scripting interface based on the JavaScript language. As a development platform, PixInsight provides the PixInsight Class Library (PCL), an ISO C++ framework for development of PixInsight modules, and the PixInsight JavaScript Runtime (PJSR), an ECMA 262-5 compliant environment readily available in the core PixInsight application. The PixInsight project originates from the inside of astrophotography: PixInsight is a software platform made by astrophotographers, for astrophotographers.

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